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May 7, 2018

Jack and Shecky interview from Bill Manassero of the Old Dawg REI Network.  Bill's focus is on maximizing retirement income with real estate investing, and doing it QUICKLY.  Bill was an experienced SoCal Ad & PR agency owner away from working with companies like Nike and Nissan, but was able to leave that and pursue his passion of serving the underprivileged in Haiti. Bill is shining example of "it's never too late." He is supporting his life mission and leaving a wonderful financial legacy for his kids and grandkids.
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In this fantastic episode you'll learn about:
How Bill Will Own 1000 Doors by 2020
How To RECOVER In Time For Retirement
Funding Your Life Purpose With Savvy Real Estate Investing
What Are The Best Emerging Markets For Investors
Buying Into Money-Wise Areas
How You Can Create A Legacy Of Wealth For Your Family
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If You'd Rather Read, Here's The Full Episode Transcript: